What Is The Point?

I recently started an online course for problem solvers.  It is a class made up of entrepreneurs, creatives, writers, and dreamers.  There are some movers and shakers in the group and I was feeling a little unqualified to be among them.  And then one of the speakers said this:  “When you tell your story, your deep, vulnerable story about your problems, your fears, your pain—people will be changed.  Never underestimate your story.”  Thank you very much, Joe Bunting.

When I read that, I had to sit on my hands in order to keep listening and not start typing.  He is right!  Thanks to the multitude of challenges that I have in my life, I have plenty of material to use to help others.  I had been doing a lot of self-doubt, telling myself that there are already plenty of bloggers out there.  I am not the only adoptive mom in the world.  I’m sure someone has already written a book on each of the special needs that we deal with…  but then I remembered the blogs, podcasts, the books that I have devoured that were done by regular people who just wanted to share the things that they had learned with the world, and it had changed me.

I want to write to help people see; to see the beauty in our differences, the strength of children, and the miracle of grace.  I have been a parent for ten short years and only have three children, I am no parenting expert, but I do a ton on reading from experts.  I live everyday with kids that have overcome many obstacles and others they are still overcoming.  I have adopted kids, gifted kids, a kid with dyslexia, a blind kid, a kid with ADHD, kids from trauma… and one thing I know, is that there is no such thing as cookie-cutter parenting.  

What I am excited to share with you is this: parents and kids learning from each other, moms and dads celebrating kids’ differences, helping typical kids relate and understand kids with special needs, helping regular moms and dads parent with more grace, and adoptive parents learn about trauma-informed discipline.  This is the stuff that I love talking about and feel passionately about.  I feel like each of these things should be important to all of us because in different ways they will mold our children into the adults that they become, which is the future of mankind. 

Are you with me, Marty?  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  I am a big movie fan.)